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Saying sayounara and adiou to old gear


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1 hour ago, John Gallup said:

I had the VTL integrated and loved it. How old are these? What model? Whither bound?

What is ”Whither bound” @John Gallup?
(they’re headed somewhere in the outskirts of Brisbane .)

They are VTL Compact 100s.
I got em used from “Ski Buddy Mike” (SBM).
$200 in around he early to mid 90s when the PSE gave up the smoke.
SBM has went through a few amp for the Maggies, and is on Sanders now.
(I am using his old PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP now… like a bottom feeder collecting scraps.)

I any case VTL charged $750 (maybe $500) to rehabilitate em in the mid 90s.
And then one day, one of the amps was pulsing like a scene from Alien… and I dropped the off at VTL again they were fixed under warranty.
Luckily the VTL HQ was off I10 or I60, so I just needed to head to BBL early enough on a Friday to get there before they closed, en route to a ski weekend.

I just had them moved to the 220v transformer tap, and they seem a touch grainy compared to the PrimaLuna… but the tubes are from (way) back in the day.
Maybe it is that burn in thing I always hear about?
Probably they would benefit from new tubes and a bias check. 

And I still need to find the grills before I ship em to QLD… somewhere in the outskirts of Brisbane .

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