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From Sig 2 to Sig 3

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I did that switch when they came out.  The sig 2's had a slightly slower, bassier, frumpier sound by comparison.  Almost like a veil in comparison(I hate using these buzzwords like veil but it's true)  Not saying the sig 2's were slouches, but by comparison.  I loved the sig 2's as well. The sig 2's always drew you in to the music. Listening to the sig 3's is like listening to the sig 2's that somebody upgraded.(wait, that's exactly what happened!) The sig 3's seem more fussy with placement however but when you get it right, wow!  I would say they are more neutral than the older ones, which makes electronics pairing more fun to me.  If you want more fuzz in your sound, the use of tubes can get it.  If you want more umph,  use Naim gear etc. I've tried a bunch and the sound changes drastically.   I landed on Audio research and have stayed.  The passive preamp was the key to give me the sound I wanted.(found out by auditioning a passive ayre integrated and it sounded amazing but not enough juice for me)

Mids and Highs are better in the sig 3's, cuts through the mix more.  Bass quantity is perceived less, but more accurate and still satisfying.  This may be partly bc of the perceived increase in mids/ highs.    It is unbelievable what an inch of movement in the room does to the bass.  Johnny R told me the sig 3's act like a YZ 80 dirtbike and he's right.  When you get them to the correct location and setup, the powerband kicks in and blows you away, but until then, no torque.  so setup will drive you nuts, but if you fuss with it, it pays off.  I absolutely love my sig 3's can't imagine anything better in my room.

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I haven't heard the 3's in a long time.  I remember hearing them with Jadis electronics in the 90's.  Someone brought their amp into the store to audition the top Proac's and we put the 3's on and they were wild.  The bass wasn't quite as tight as some may have wanted, but darn did they scale!  I was in shock as how good they sounded.  

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