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I was fortunate enough to have found a used pair of Vandersteen 2Ce's a couple years ago which I've been enjoying very much. Previously I have used an Adcom GFA-535 and a Rotel RB-1050 power amp for these with good results. However, recently I picked up an integrated amp, the S.M.S.L. A300, a Class D amp that came out last year. I am enjoying the detailed sound it is able to produce. I have since sold all my Class A/B power amps and the pre-amps that go with them.


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7 hours ago, olds1959special said:

Hi Richard, 


Thanks for your response. I called them 2Ce's because the previous owner told me the drivers had been upgraded to the 2Ce driver, (is that possible?) but I guess I was incorrect to call them 2Ce's!

We never upgraded any Model Two speaker because it can't be done.  When we make a Model name change it involves driver changes, but this requires structure changes (different alignment) and crossover changes to make everything work.  This would make it too expensive and only possible on the more expensive models.  RV

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