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Wasn't sure where to put this, but Thanks so all who have graciously donated to my MS Walk

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Many of my close and not so close audio buddies have donated to my MS Walk on the 29th of April.  I know of at least four of you have given a fair amount of money and it's GREATLY appreciated.  I thought I'd share an update.  I am only about 1,500 away from my goal of 10k.  I love this forum for so many reasons and this is just another reason.  I WILL be streaming my walk music for this event (I'm going to try and do the 3mile walk if I am feeling up to it.  I'm probably going to be listening to Bonamassa and see where Tidal takes me from there!  (I think anything can be tied into music, lol).  🙂


Thanks again guys.  It means so much to me as well as the rest of us afflicted with this fun disease.  🙂. Pete

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Well @ctsoonerI was thinking of you and a coworker on the way home today, as there is a radio announcement of an MS Western Australia Albany ride… but it is a 3 days after I fly out for work.
So I pretty pleased that you are giving the event near you a go.

There was a piece on SBS (Special Broadcast Services… which is somewhat like the US PBS) that had a two woman team doing a ride in Margaret River team bicycle race.
(My coworker ended up getting an electric recombinant wheelchair bike, and go out pretty often.)

Again, I am pretty pleased that you are “giving it a go”, and I doubt that I will be the only one that is cheering you on from afar.

I hauled the fat backside onto the road bike, starting 4-5 months ago, and have dropped a couple of Covid babies worth of extra weight, so I have a few more sets of twins to push out… but I’ll push them out via the peddles. 😋
So I have no excuse but laziness, and you’re providing some inspiration to get back into the blazing saddle.


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