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Listening session

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Went to “HiFi Clubhouse” in the Gold Coast (Brisbane area).
They had some ApaturA speakers from France, so the importer was up from Melbourne, Victoria.
They were pretty good if one ignores the minimal output in low registers.
(And the selection of music was well chosen… I would have preferred to play songs that I find problematic.) 
Those speakers are advertised as time and phase correct, but I can find no graphs.
(Two way with ribbons, and what looked like an 8” mid bass.)

The image width was good, and the depth pretty good… not great, but it was in a room more like a typical room with  a large TV behind it.

At one point they played stuff we requested, and fellow commented later that getting exposed to different music was a treat, and I agreed.
Plus it was a treat to find some like minded people.

The music sounded loud, and was measuring at ~85 dB(A) on the NIOSH iPhone app… So it sounded much louder than the 2C when they are at 90+.
(That is one of my triggers for goodness, when the SPL is higher that one would guess, and they have a certain quietness about them… then I find it to be something like, maybe more dynamic… I’m not sure exactly what it is, but it correlates with some goodness to my ear(s).)

They had an Antipodes box somewhere (Roon player, or maybe a DAC??) with some USB to fibre converter, (then the DAC) and into a SS amp to the speakers.
I forget the name of the SS amp.
A subwoofer probably would have made it better.

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Yeah Bob - but I had fun none the less.
And it is interesting finding different systems feral and in the wild.

One fellow remarked that the speakers did not sound good with large classical symphony piece.
One of the other technical guys said, “You need a bigger speaker than a 2 way for that.”

They probably “hit the turbo” around 40 Hz, so there was a bit of thinness on the bottom.
I think I like speakers with a more Rubinesque sound, and that is on the opposite end of where the ribbons start kicking in.

They were actually pretty good - but the music for them was also well suited for their strengths.
And for a digital system it was quite good.

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8 hours ago, Holmz said:

And for a digital system it was quite good.

When I read the posts on Vinyl, I think that digital is just as fussy when it comes to getting it 'right.'


And, I know human hearing goes down to 20 hz., but how much music is there that goes down below 40 hz.? A speaker that can put out a decent 60 hertz is probably good enough for me.

another 2 cents.


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I thought fearless leader (aka RV) said something about bass being the foundation? 

(Who am I to argue and antagonize?) 😴

 The people demoing their speakers did use music that was more ethereal and airy, and not double bass and not with any bass slam.

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