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Anyone running a Power Wall(TM)?

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I am not really drawn to all the power conditioning stuff, as it seems like most of my gear has external conditioner power conditioner boxes.
Or I have just been lucky.

But solar on the roof and a Tesla Power Wall(TM), is on my radar
Does anyone run solar and batteries, and have anything to say one way or the other?

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I have both.  Slight increase in noise during the day but no difference at night.  I use the battery for backup for my saltwater aquarium during power brownouts which are now common in California, so I have not listened during a power outage wanting to preserve the power for our fish.  We pay about 41 cents per kilowatt so solar has a 4-year payoff.  Good investment even if the production of solar panels is very environmentally unsound.  RV

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We have 17 kW of panels and 2 Powerwalls at our house.  I bought the Powerwalls for the time period after hurricanes hit and the grid power is down.  When grid power is down, even if you have panels on your roof, the electric utility will not let you get power from them, unless you have batteries.  On top of that, in this state, if you have panels and you cannot make 100% of your electricity from them, you pay 2 different rates for grid power depending on time of day and time of year.  The power company more than triples the $ rates at peak times for us because we have solar and they want to stick it to us.  So, I use the batteries to run during peak times and I export energy I make at the higher rate.  The Tesla app works really well to do this.  Incidentally, the Tesla app is coded to make money.  It thinks like a greedy billionaire not a person trying to save the planet.

We have two 150 amp services powering this house.  The Powerwalls only back up one of the two services.  I can run audio on the Powerwall-connected side or on the grid-only side depending which outlets I use in my listening room.  I haven't heard any difference between the two and one of my M5 amps hums regardless of the power source, which makes it difficult to hear the difference.  I use the grid-only side with my dedicated 20 amp lines as default.

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