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Mike Malter System - Fall 2023

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Had to combine my 2 channel & AV systems due to space requirements.

Of course everything is built around my Vandersteen speakers & subwoofers.

  1. 2Ce Signatures 
  2. pair of 2Wq’s
  3. Granite Audio (tubed preamp, just using phono stage)
  4. Clearaudio turntable with Ebony wood cartridge 
  5. Wyred4Sound DAC 1
  6. Mac with Audivana as music server (not pictured)
  7. Rel 1510 Preditor subwoofer for LFE
  8. Wyred4Sound 500 watt class D monoblocks 
  9. PS Audio P-12 Power Plant
  10. Clearaudio record washing device (not pictured)
  11. Yamaha RX-A8A AV receiver.
    1. DAC balanced in
    2. Clearaudio turntable audio in
    3. Speakers balanced pre-out
    4. Using direct mode on receiver to eliminate DSP circuits for 2 channel listening 
      1. Sound is very close to what it was when systems were separate 

Using pre-out on Yamaha & pairing speakers & subs presents virtual full range speakers.

My center channel here is a Vandersteen bookshelf speaker and is temporarily until my new custom built center channel speaker arrives.

Change happens!


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