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Need to find new home for my 5A Carbons

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Hi All,

Not sure if this type of post is allowed. If not, I apologize and feel free to delete.

A close friend of mine recently passed away and I was able to purchase his entire ultra high end system from his non-audiophile family. His system included his beloved Vandersteen 7’s.  I am keeping the 7’s but now I need to find a new home for my 5A Carbons.

It looks like a lot of you guys are located in Southern CA. I live in South Orange County.  Would really love to see the 5A Carbons go to a local audiophile.

The speakers are in great condition and I just recently had the factory replace the battery’s in the internal crossovers and single ended high pass filters so they are good for 10 years. You can view a picture of the speakers in the post Tom’s System.

If any of you are interested or know someone who might be feel free to message me. I currently have them listed on the U S Audiomart site. I can also arrange for an audition in my home.

Thanks much!



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Tom, great speakers! I saw your US Audiomart ad, but unfortunately I am not in CA. If the moderators support it, it might be fun to have a classifieds section on the forum where we could post things like this. I’ve seen other sites require a minimum post count before someone is able to post something for sale. 

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