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Norah Jones - …’Til We Meet Again….LIVE


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Arrived today, after a strong recommendation by a friend. Norah’s recordings typically disappoint me as she is always recorded way too forward, and as such, the LP’s lack depth….to me. This being a live set, I figured that may be solved as it isn’t a studio recording. Thus far….very nice.

*LIVE* Norah Jones…’Til We Meet Again.  Blue Note 2021



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I remember seeing her right after the release of her first album.  We were up close (small venue ) and she seemed so nervous, but sounded incredible.  She relaxed as the night went on.  Very enjoyable concert and I forget the venue, lol.  

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Would be great to see her in a small venue. I have had a chance to see a number of 'heavy hitter' musicians in small venues over the years, and those stick to me most. 

I'm not the biggest Norah fan (mostly for the reasons I mentioned) but this is a very nice album. I wish her voice was mic'd a bit better on some songs, but overall, you get a nice sense of the stage, and the live versions of some of her songs was refreshing.

Recommended, and not a bad price either. I actually picked it up on Target on-line, of all places.

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