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An extraordinary reissue

Steve Edwards

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It's well documented that the original version of this record on the Lost Highway label was not done well.   Most of the details are included in this article:   https://www.analogplanet.com/content/just-little-lovin-finally-gets-some-0  

But, Chad and company at Analogue Productions resurrected it and the results are stunning.  I don't own an original to compare, but the cover appears a little washed out.  That's my only nitpick.  This record makes my system sound like it cost a lot more than it did; and ........... it's great content.   

And, for our vinyl abstainees, there is a SACD version available; probably a hi-res download as well.

Fasten your seatbelt! posted on 01/30/2013
star1.gif star1.gif star1.gif star1.gif star1.gif 5 Stars
Reviewer: Andrew

Unbelievable sonics. Crazy good. One of the best vinyl records I've ever heard. Lovely, soulful music as well. A 10.





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