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Well the new (used) phono stage came in today.
Huriedly; I put it in place… and it was pretty grainy. (Which make sense with a SUT and something like 1k MC loading - but using a HO-MM.

So I then yanked the lid off, and flipped the jumpers into place.

A whole lot more gain than the ARC! (but it should be 8 dB less… 34 vs 42dB)
(And a whole lot less gain, grain, and FR problems than with the SUT.) 
And the bass and vocals are improved, and a whole lot more.
However the old ARC OH2 was balanced in/out with a Jerry rigged set of RCAs, which may explain some the apparent gain?

it cost way to much, and simultaneously worth every franc.

There is no way to A/B test it, but it is not a very subtle change.
It was good before, but now it is jumped up a bit.

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6 hours ago, GdnrBob said:


Now, that is one expression I haven't heard before.



Perhaps it’s what the conductor says at Halloween on the train from Mumbai… or:

Definition of tickety-boo

: FINE, OKAYeverything is going to be tickety-boo eventually— A. J. Liebling
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