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Does anyone terminate their own interconnects?

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1 hour ago, Ross B. said:

I've been on the hunt for a great male RCA plug. So far my favorites are Cardas and Furutech. I'm wondering if anyone has any insights in this matter, or suggestions for others I might try. The wire I use tends to be pretty thick, 8-10mm, which limits my options somewhat.

I am interested in which wire do you use that is 8-10mm thick?

The Neutrik ProFi I use only has a strain relief up to 8-mm, but I use them and Mogami interconnect wire. Pretty low inductance and capacitance. Then I just tie the shielding to the negative at the source end. The Neutrik is more Pro-Audio than high-end though, so more industrial IMO.

The Cardas and Furutech look pretty nice… and I’ll likely be using Furutech for power soon.

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I have the ProFi plugs on my subwoofer cables. I love them, really well made. The subs are standby/triggered, so the initial ground contact of the ProFi is really nice, otherwise I almost always get a buzz connecting or disconnecting. I'm a little bit concerned about the potential for interference or loss in the sliding/spring mechanism for broader use. It's probably a non-issue, but this is the hobby where I indulge non-issues 🙃

I've used Blue Jeans Cable LC-1 wire, which is nominally 7.5mm diameter, and I'm experimenting with Neotech NEI-3003 which is 8.5mm nominal.

The Furutech FP-126 is a great little connector, and makes the most satisfying connection I've ever felt. But it only accepts upto 6.5mm wire, which pushes me into their much more expensive offerings 😕

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