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Melody Gardot


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First post to this sub forum.

During the week I wake up at 0430 everyday. On weekends I can usually manage to sleep in until about 0500.  This usually gives me a couple hours to myself. Today I am playing Melody Gardot and just letting Tidal pick the order.  I really enjoy listening at low volume levels sometimes.

Apologies in advance this isn’t a post about a vinyl record!


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I came across Melody Gardot's music while I was at Definitive Audio in Seattle. They're my closest Vandersteen dealer, and where I purchased my 2CESigIII's. They were playing an old JVC Jazz festival video and realized she was performing a song in it. The salesmen were excited about it. I was pleasantly impressed. I finally downloaded my first hi-rez recording of hers, Currency of Man. Time  will tell if I acquire more of her music in my collection.

Thanks for posting! 👍

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