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Bitchcraft (new music)


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As one might expect… it is a bit feminist, with some woke themes, anti-corporatism, global warming tones, and anti misogyny ,
But it seems to be a fantastically recorded album.
A bit pop’ish, and she has a voice somewhat like Jewel or Tori Amos, with a heavy dose of strings for back up.

I like strings and piano, and also music that is a bit sparse and has quiet sections, (and generally I do not like a “wall of sound”). So others may possibly find it worth a listen

Surprisingly is showing up on Spotify now ( but not back when I ordered the LP.)

This is an example.


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Yeah Pete, about 1/2 the songs are similar to that and have similar vibes.

I had never heard of her, but apparently is in a music gendre that I do not normally seek out.
(And I liked the cover.)

My daughter convinced me to get an album of, I think spaghetti western music, which had a photo of Charles Branson on the cover with a snipper rifle.
She said, “You need this one.”

I have more mail awaiting at the local USPS… maybe the Brunson one is there today ?
(Or the Phono stage?)

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