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Understanding PC and IC Contributions to Sound Quality


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There is an excellent video on AG titled  "How Electricity Actually Works" posted by @barts on 4/30/22. It goes into great depth concerning the "distributed" nature of circuits as opposed to the "Lumped" model which many "audiophiles" unknowingly use in their analysis of the connections between circuit elements. Lumped parameter systems make circuit analysis much easier to comprehend and they work on the macroscopic level. However, at the level of audio quality on this forum we need to look at a these circuits with a much more in-depth analysis. The graphics of growing & collapsing  E and B fields, and the "capacitor" model of the dielectric surrounding the metallic core of wires, are excellent and give a great visual of what is happening on this atomic level.

I am not an EE or research physicist. However, having taught basic physics courses for 30 yrs. I can say that this video is very helpful at dispelling the myth that all wires are the same. I am NOT saying that anyone should immediately go out and spend large amounts of $$$ on new cables. But like most natural phenomena, there is much more to it than meets the eye.


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