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Double duty for side wall first reflection

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Wow! Major breakthrough. Credit to @GdnrBobfor asking about overdamping (answer is still no, so far) Screenshot_20220923_201550.thumb.jpg.c9a65cb22ccdc392c55b3e5882726308.jpg

OK. This sounds crazy, but both speakers bounce off a single sidewall, and cross each other at a certain point in the room, NOT on the wall. Same with the other side wall.

By doubling up, I recieved a major benefit, but was also able to get rid of some 6x 2"x2'x4' fiberglass absorption panels (which sound horrible even at 6" thick, but we're solving a larger problem)

It looks a bit weird having tube traps 4 feet in front of the speakers, but the geometry in all directions is so beautiful. There is pretty much a straight line from front center tube trap through speaker to wall, through tube trap to ear. Forwards and backwards of the speakers are tube traps. And if I look through either speaker, the driver lines up with the corner of the wall where there is a trap.

It seems there are almost no bounces in the room that can double up and end up at the ear!!



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