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Active bass traps?

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I didn't know Bag End was still in business.  My old dealer used some of their stuff in the 90's (forget what it was, but remember the name).  It's funny as I've been in a ton of Vandersteen room set ups since 1982.  Many have used room treatments of course, but most of the rooms were over done and when they've paid specialists to do their rooms, they are always over done (from teh rooms I've been in and listened).  I've been lucky with my rooms over the years and never had too many issues.  My loft is a pain (my current room) as it's only got a 46" wall behind the system that opens to a grand room downstairs.  

Upgrading to Quatro's from Treo's made a HUGE difference and by dialing it all in with EQ, I'm blessed in that I only have to concern myself with a reflection or two.  Even the slap echo on the ceiling isn't too bad, especially considering the room opens up into the grand room and also a hallway that leads to the upstair bedrooms.

I'm still fascinated by all these devices and love reading about them etc..  I'd love for a device to be floor to ceiling, a small pole that you fit in the 4 corners of a room and it has a few small boxes on the pole that somehow read the rooms sound and then automatically dials in what you need etc...  A simple one stop shop that's non intrusive and can be manually done or you can chose a few digital curves already set up, lol.  Sorry to the silly post, but thinking outloud with my fingers, ha!! 

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