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I forgot to do this last year.

There's lots and lots of great material available at archive.org. 

Here is one example:  https://archive.org/details/stringcheeseincident2019-11-30.akg481.moldyset.flac

Note that a lot of these recordings were made from the audience, with the musician's permission, using relatively modest portable hobbyist gear.  (Makes me wonder just what the professionals are thinking...)

Some of you might also be interested in the collection of Old Time Radio programs collected there as well - I certainly am.  Loads of movies and videos, too.

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That might be there, too!  I downloaded the original album of the music from the old TV show 77 Sunset Strip just yesterday, so it's quite possible.

While looking around, I found entire libraries of 78 rpm albums that have been digitized and uploaded.  One was from the late Clark Johnsen.  

I figured out a while back that a lot of relatively modern recorded music is more a product of what the producer and technical staff thought sounded cool.  That may or may not really reflect what the actual performance was like.  In many cases, there really was no actual performance - they're instead collections of highly curated pieces of music that are stitched together and that you could never hear in a live performance.  Those audience based recordings of live shows often are more interesting and exciting than the homogenized commercial releases.  Better sounding, too.  At least to me.  Other people probably feel differently, which is just fine. 

Anyway, you can find a very diverse collection of written material, audio recordings, and videos there.  All for public use.  Pretty cool, if you ask me.

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