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Heading to Tokyo

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with my son on Saturday. We will have only 6 days there due to his work schedule, but wondered if any of you have suggestions of places to visit.  We have most of the trip put together, but always open to other ideas.  I have a day set up in Akihabara at a portable audio store that my buddy who owns Empire Ears CIEM's/IEM's uses to sell his devices, but always open to a 2 channel store to check out.  Thanks

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We did Osaka, and then a bullet train to Nagasaki, and some other trains up into the alps.
You almost cannot f-up a trip there, or if one does, then they need to reexamine their processes and levels of what to expect.

That said, the easiest way for American tourists to die in Australia is walking onto the road looking the wrong way, followed by defenestration.
But they drive on the other side in Japan as well… So looking both ways like Mama-San taught us is worth remembering.
And try not to drink to leglessness, or if one is planning on it, then stay on the ground floor, and not party on the balcony.

If you are planning on the train, a pass is/was about 1/2 price getting it ahead of time as a tourist before you alight there.
And further with respect to the trains… the things are happening in a way that appears like total chaos. But everyone is friendly and can direct you to the right platform.
It is with a time precision that makes the Germans and Swiss look like Italians.

I would avoid most of the stores in favour of the temples etc.
And the eating places range from street vendors to high end. All of it was good.

No matter what you like to do, it is pretty hard to mess up a trip there.
(I suppose it is theoretically possible, but it would be damned difficult.)

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I wish we could have gotten down to Kobe and then do Osaka and Kyoto from there.  Wanted so badly to take him to the onsen in Kobe we went to in the past (daughter in law finished her doctorate there), but we have little time and will stay at the Navy hotel in Tokyo the whole time.  We are doing all the Gundam, Manga and Anime places along with the sword/knife museum. We are set up to meet the owner of the top portable electronics store, will walk the Palace, see Fuji (hopefully) early morning from the Sky Tree, check out the knives and kitchen stuff in a special 'chef's area and of course the former fish market with all the cool stalls. I bought my last knife there from the master who made it .  He was shocked that I knew the exact knife I wanted as he only made two of them that year.  He came out when his son met me and realized I knew of his father.  He signed the knife for me (cold chisel) and put a mirror polish on the blade (that's normally a MAJOR upcharge for those who know knives).  That was a highlight of the trip and my daughter in law ended up playing translator.  I was ready to pay market value for such a special knife.  He nearly gave it to me, but I couldn't accept that.  His son helped us figure out what was 'right' for his dad.  I'm hoping they are still there as I haven't looked to see in ages (I even forgot his name, but will find the receipt this week).  

We will go eat at the places we are told to go by few locals I know there or will meet.  My buddy who owns Empire Ears (CIEM's and IEM's that are the best in the same way Vandersteen's are for me) has really set me up with his contact as well as his recommendations.  His office/manufacturing facility is only a few miles from Alan Jone's shop in HOtlanta.  I'm a blessed man :). thanks all.

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