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Static Electricity Issues

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Over the last week, I've experienced small static electricity shocks when playing albums.  This happens for the most part when I touch the switch on my LP12 that partially mutes the sound output when I flip album sides.  Zap.  

Today, listening to an album with my Quatro Wood CT speakers powered by the M5 mono blocks, I touched one of the M5 amps on the top of the casing and the amp turned off.  Music continued playing from the other speaker/amp.  

Like I mentioned, this has become a newish occurrence.   I have all the other components plugged into a Transparent Powerwave (line conditioning/surge).  That may not matter in my case.  I might be a static carrier all the sudden but how would a little static shock trip the M5?  

Anyway, just thought I'd post and see if anyone else has experienced this.  Good Sunday afternoon.

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Wintertime with the heat on in your home is a drying time.  Low humidity and static electricity show up.  At the winter CES show we used to spray water on the carpet repeatedly to allow us to play without pops in the system caused by static electricity.  The protection circuit senses the static pulse mistaking it for a power transient and sends the amp into fault.  Turn on the rear power switch and the Amp should reset.  RV

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