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is 50 watts (8 ohms) enough power for 2Ci's?

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I’ll assume you are looking at 100W 4-ohm Class-D amp that really is only 50W into 8-ohms?

I run 44/88W with the tube.
44W is Triode, and 88W is ultralinear.
^It is good.^

But do the other members of your household ask you to turn it down often?
That can be a clue as to whether you want to be at the low end or high end of the recommended power. 


It is certainly best of you were to find a second hand 2W sub and the HPF as the amp then see less power as the low notes take a lot of power… and it makes the amp seem twice as powerful with the sub attached.
Or just get a brand new sub.


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It’s one thing to be able to play loud and another for the speakers to sound great as you turn the volume up. If 50 watts is all you can afford then it’s case closed but I would look at at least a decent strong 100w/ch if you want to really discover what the speakers are capable of. As a lot of other folks have recommended- Ayre, Mccormack, Aesthetix pair really well with Vandersteen’s. There are some great deals on USAM for these brands that you should consider.

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