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Help properly setting Vandersteen 5’s in Miami

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Hi does anyone here know of someone in South Florida (I’m in coral gables) who can help me properly set up my Vandy 5’s?

I’d really appreciate it and will happily pay for the setup. 




My system is as follows: mains: Vandersteen 5’s, amp: heavily upgraded McCormack DNA 225 with gravity base (all upgraded by Steve McCormack), preamp: rotel 1582, record player: Rega P8, cart: Rega Ania mc pro, phono pre: Rega Aria, cables: mix of audio quest and blue jeans. 

surround: vandy vlr wood, center vandy vcc-2, sun vandy V2W - surrounds powered by rotel amp (forgot which one) 

Amps, etc are behind the wall in my home office 




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That looks very inviting. And, I love the minimalist turntable.

I would PM @TomicTime, he is in CA but has helped many with setting up their systems.

You know, it isn't very difficult, but having a second person assist you makes it much easier. 

Also, look at the Vandersteen videos on YouTube.


I do believe you need a Radio Shack SPL meter, which are easily available on Ebay. (They haven't been available new for a while).


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