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My system, as of October 2023

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Listening room is 12.5' x 15' with a vaulted ceiling. Shelves behind system also contain sound-absorbing foam. Equipment includes:

  • Rega Planar 10 turntable
  • Lyra Etna Lambda moving-coil cartridge
  • Sutherland Engineering TZ Direct phono pre
  • dCS Bartók streaming DAC
  • dCS Vivaldi clock
  • Audioquest Niagara 3000 power conditioner
  • Vandersteen M5-HPA amps
  • Vandersteen Quatro speakers

Cables are mostly Audioquest with DBS shielding. All equipment is on a dedicated 20-amp circuit

An Intel NUC, Synology NAS and backup drive, EtherRegen switch and a fiber-media converter are in another room on another circuit, connected to the listening room via Ethernet.

As of Oct 2023.jpg

Whole system Oct 2023.jpg

Listening room axonometric.png

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1 minute ago, TomicTime said:

what is the box right on top of sensitive phono preamp ? i would if not already tried get that moved away  away ! trial w heavy extension cord if necessary 

It's the power supply for the Rega TT. I've moved it to a variety of locations to no effect.

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