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Casa Pacifica System - as of Fall 2023

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in keeping w RV request that we help the forum community thrive, posting up my winter snowbird system:

Analog source: Brinkmann Bardo TT / Triplaner Mk7-2 silver wire tonearm, Grace /Soundsmith Ruby or Lyra Delos cartridge, above on HRS isolation, NAIM Atom streamer preamp  . Extensive modification to MC240 tube amp, teflon cap Vandersteen high pass filters, Vandersteen Teeo CT and a sub3. all components on either Core Audio and HRS isolation. , all cables are Audioquest Water and Fire w exception of shotgun biwire AQ Type 6 speaker wire. 


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I keep looking at the pic, but can't figure out how the rug is perfectly straight, but the speakers look like they being pulled on the outer corners. I know lenses can have wide angle distortion, but this seems to apply only to the speakers. The rest looks normal.


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Jon - Yes the panel - our mutual friend and ardent audiophile Arnold at Core Audio crafted that of Lacewood. it rests on two Maple covered VPI Magic bricks…. my brother is crafting some Curly Maple bits to replace them…. i will post up some pictures of diffuser stands Arnold made for Advanced Audio… just need to find them…..

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