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TeXtreme Carbon Fiber ?

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I’ve noticed some buzz about this product being used in loudspeaker cones.  I know Richard dedicated countless hours perfecting the balsa /carbon fiber perfect piston  drivers and scoured the globe for the Triwoven materials used in many models in the line. Hopefully @Richard Vandersteen can comment.

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TomicTime, yes this material has made quite the buzz the last few years and we have been experimenting with it for a few years.  This could is a lower cost option for our hand laided-up uni-fiber extreme modulus Carbon/balsa cones but it is not stiff enough to get the breakup modes high enough in frequency for Time and Phase Correct speakers which require first order crossovers.  This weave will not work with the ultra-high modulus carbon fiber we use because crimping in the transitions would fracture the fibers.  Unfortunately, there is no free ride when pushing technology to the extreme as 25 years of owning and driving a dirt Super Modified proved on race day!  RV

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