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The difference between Swing and Bebop


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My buddy, who's dad used to sit in on drums with Tommy Dorsey  and was in charge of Oklahoma Univ music Dept for years.  My buddy Rick is a bassoonist and drummer.  He was the drum major at my school when I was there too.  We constantly share new music or older stuff with background and history.  He just sent me this one and I had to share.  He hopes you all enjoy this.  I haven't even seen the whole thing yet, but I have to leave for the day and wanted to post before I forgot. Pete


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2 minutes ago, olds1959special said:

Dixieland (Louis Armstrong) -> Swing (Fletcher Henderson) -> Bebop (Charlie Parker)

Yup, that sounds about right to me.

I love the first two, but the last is one of my least favorite.


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