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More Tea

Steve Edwards

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The original record has been ingrained in my soul since it came out in 1970.  It conjures up so many good memories.  One of them is the first HiFi show I ever attended.  Don't remember the year, but it was put on by Stereophile and took place up in LA.  Having recently purchased my 2C's, I eagerly sought out the Vandersteen room.  I don't recall Richard being there, but I wouldn't have recognized him anyway.  Being featured were the Model 4's (remember those?).  I don't recall what the electronics were, or the table / cartridge.  After Karen and I sat down, they put on the first cut of Tea For The Tillerman, Where Do The Children Play.  The plucking of the acoustic guitar just grabbed me, and when the drums came in  ...............  talk about goosebumps!

For the 50th anniversary,  Yusuf / Cat Stevens reunited with all the key actors from the original album, along with some current live band members and re-recorded it. The similarities on some songs are pretty close, while others have quite a different twist.  Wild World has a NOLA flavor to it.  His voice has held up well, the playing is top shelf and the recording is terrific.


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Great stuff.  I remember hearing the 4's at Ocean State Audio in RI.  I was close friends with Bruce the owner.  He never set up the Vandersteen's properly.  I ended up with ProAc instead as that and then Harbeth's were his favorites (well, actually it was the Apogee's, but my ex didn't want large panels).  It's too bad as I would have owned the 2's for a few years and most probably would have upgraded to Treo's when they were released.  

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