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Sade "This Far"


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Arrived today the music is extremely familiar so no need to discuss that. The packaging is well done, the individual albums reproduce the original album jackets authentically. The albums are 180-gram black vinyl created using a half-speed mastering process. I have not listened to any of the six yet, as I have a self imposed policy to clean each album before I play it. My cleaning system is the Kirmuss system which is extremely effective but tedious. I'll get to that this weekend. Thanks to Steve Edwards for nudging me off the fence with regard to ordering it, and to Amazon for having it on sale when I looked haha.

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Cleand the set last night... interesting wrinkle, there is a placeholder for a 7th album. An album sized piece of foam with a question mark embossed into it. Does this purport a new Sade album, I sure hope so it's about time.

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