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Where do your "olds" go, when you go up a model or two?

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It is hard to come by Vandersteens on the used market, other than 1's 2's and the occasional 3a.

Having just missed out on a sale of a pair of 5A Carbons, I am bummed. One can find the occasional 5 or 5A at some brick and mortar shops, but at stratospheric prices.


So where are they all? LOL.  Sold to friends who've loved 'em over the years.  Or just quick local sales? Do they just levitate off this mortal coil?




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My go to site is HifiShark. I found just about all my equipment from that site. I found my Treo's (from @ctsooner), through that site.😊

You really have to act fast, as most Vandy speakers sell quickly. when they are priced competitively.

Though they may have higher prices, B&M stores will stand behind their merchandise. You might want to call Vandy dealers to see if they have/can find the speaker you are looking for.

I know that John Rutan at Audioconnection would be a great person to contact. He knows lots of customers who are interested in selling their old merch.


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The dealers all know who wants to upgrade to the Kènto's and will be willing to sell/trade their 5's.  The reason you don't see VAndy's on the used market that often is because of a numbers game.  Richard doesn't come out with many mark 2,3,4 etc.... He just upgrades as he finds better components and finally after years in production, he'll just make a larger upgrade as he just did with the 2 mk3 sigs.  

The other thing to keep in mind is that most owners of Steen's aren't on the gerbil wheel of buying and selling speakers.  Some of us will constantly upgrade when we can afford it, but as you see in these threads, most folks aren't looking to move laterally.  That's why keeps Audiogon and Hifishark in business.  It also helps us sell our gear when we upgrade.  Our speakers keep their values better than most of the other brands.  Early 2's are still selling for $700 and they originally sold for something around 1100 if I recall.  I saw one pair in decent shape of the 4th series of 2's (that's what they said) for 725 and they ended up selling.  That's just sick when you think of it.  


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