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Steve Edwards

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That does bring up an interesting question Peter.  How do you decide what / who you are going to listen to?  And beyond that, how often is your decision based on the recording quality or the content, or both?

Often, while completing my domestic chores (or just about any other time), I'll have a tune in my head and think, I'm going to spin Low Spark of High Heeled Boys when I get done.  It can also be one or two of the new records I just purchased; cleaned but not yet played.  Yet, there are times when I just stand in front of my media cabinet, gazing down the spines of my record collection  ....... hmm, what will it be this time?

I will say, almost always, the quality of the recording comes to my mind first.

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I RARELY think about the recording.  Like many, I have very well recorded music.  Most of the music I have (access to over 35TB of high res music)  Some of it are live recordings. I stream Tidal much of the time though.  I listen with Empire Ears Odin IEM's on an A&K SR25 player for 2 hours a day when working out.  I rarely use my bedroom set up of Blusound sound bar/sub set up, but when I want music in BR, it sounds pretty good for background music.  I usually get another 2 hours a day with my Vandersteen system.  I have to be all digital now as the MS makes it nearly impossible to clean, care for and change albums every 25 mins, lol.  I miss my old reel to reel as well as Basis TT set up.  

I will enjoy a ton of rock (wasn't called classic when I listened, lol), but listen to it more on the elliptical than in hte main system, lol.  That's telling maybe.

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