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Frankenstein Model 2C?

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Just picked up these model 2c speakers. The previous owner said they have been "professionally" serviced and the socks are removed because the were pretty ratty. The original socks were brown as well.

The thing that has me interested is that the woofers all have rubber surrounds and the tweeter has the felt piece over top... from what I understand doesn't this indicate these are 2ci? The backplate however doesn't have the "i" so this has me stumped.  


The woofers are both labeled with SR185/9.


Any insight on what these are? Have they been replaced with incorrect replacement woofers? Thanks! They still sound pretty damn good tho... 


will post pics ASAP

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I"m an old schooler.  If I owned an older pair, I wonder if I would just take the poles and socks off and either do. my own veneer on the cabinet or possibly have them painted out (after using Bondo or another product to give them a smooth surface.  I think I'd like that look potentially.  I'm sure a granite plinth would also make an appearance.  It's fun to be different, lol.  

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