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Ahmad Jamal


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No, not new, in fact I’ve listened to this tons, but forever reason, decided to play it this Friday afternoon, and was memorized by it. Again. Maybe it was my ‘new old’ Telefunken’s I just loaded in my phono pre….dunno.

If you have never heard this, give it a shot. If you have, remind yourself how good this is, again. Not easy to recorded piano well, especially live, and this may be one of the best.

For whatever reason, the very first track is not recorded very well, or as well as the rest of the album. But after that? Magic. I was lucky enough to see Ahmad many years ago, in fact, right around when this was recorded, and will never forget it. I was a fan thereafter.

Ahmad Jamal - Live At The Montreal Jazz Festival 1985




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Nice Jim. Ya gotta stream Montreal if you have ever heard it.

And yea, my sister would love me to visit her in Seattle one of these days, again, but I’m not sure my workload will allow that anytime soon. I’ll accept the rain check though.

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