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I picked up my first Leonard LP on a whim back in the mid-70’s from a used record store, Songs of Love and Hate (1971). I remember the first time I played it being mesmerized but his lyrics,  voice, and style. Great album. Have been a fan thereafter. But, I don’t have a deep collection of his works. I should. 

If you have never bought his work Steve, not sure this is the one I would recommend as a starting point. This was somewhat a ‘goodbye’ before he died, and produced and released by his son following his death. I would try one of his earlier works first. He has a certain style, you may, or may not like, but I find he was captivating, to me, and many others. One of the best song writers to come along IMO.

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The only associated material I have is Jennifer Warnes' album of Cohen covers Famous Blue Raincoat.  The song First, We Take Manhattan, with top shelf drumming and guitar work of Stevie Ray Vaughn, is demo / reference quality.  I haven't spent that much time with the rest of the record.   I'll dip my toes deeper into that pond.

Thank you

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Thanks bekeske. Had not heard of this release. Fantastic. 
The Future and You Want It Darker are great places to start in Cohen’s catalogue IMO. 
 To me, Cohen along with Tom Waits, Joni Mitchell, Nick Cave, Nick Drake, Patti Smith are essential listening in the singer/songwriter vein. 

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