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now I have to get a temp preamp for my Nyquist

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I just made this post on the speaker wire thread to answer Bob, but I'll post it here to start a new thread.  I need a preamp, balance with zero feedback for my Nyquist.  Thought it would be fun to start another thread to get folks ideas, but in the end, I have a strong feeling I know what I'm going to do.  Just have to find the few that I'm looking for, for the right price.


It is exceptional Bob.  I didn't find the MeitnerMA3 to be in the same league as the other DAC like Bartok and a few others.  All the DAC's I was looking at are outstanding and worth the price of entrance, but I needed to get the one that I wanted for a long time.  The price was right so I can sell it and not lose money if I can find a used Playback Designs Dream DAC.  That's basically a DAC that is analogish like the Nyquist AND has the punch, drive and detail of the Bartok.  I haven't heard the mk 2 Nyquist that I bought yet.  I'm going off of what I heard a few times when auditioning the Nyquist.  It's not the Trinity, but man was a great to listen to.  I bought a demo fully up to date Brinkmann Nyquist from the Vandy dealer in Ontario, CN.  I called the dealers I know in the US to see if what they had on demo or used as I couldn't afford what I want any other way.  I thought it had an internal volume control and found out it really doesn't. (it's only for the headphone amp.  I now need to get a preamp, but I'm waiting on a specific one.  I will just try and find a decent balanced preamp used.  I'll need to get it for the right price, so that I can sell it later on this year and not lose money.  I found some older Audio Research LS27's and an LS28 that I can afford.  I also found a Burmeister 099 I believe it is.  It's a 2003 preamp.  The price is very good.  

I guess I should open up a thread on this forum to find out what folks recommend, lol.  I have a strong idea of which way I'm going to go. I did reach out to Johnny Rutan (my main dealer) to see what he has used in his basement that isn't listed on his site etc...  I'll call other dealers to see if they have anything they need/want to move quickly as long as I can sell it for what I get it for.  Oh the humanity.

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