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2CE sound verses 2CE Sig 2 (later model with woven midrange and trim controls)


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Does anyone know what serial number the 2ce sig 2 began using woven midrange drivers? How do vocals compare to the non sig design with the change to the woven midrange.

I have a pair of old 2CE's I like very much for bass response, ability to trim treble with dials on the back, realistic but never harsh symbol sounds with natural decay, imaging , and an uncanny ability to disappear.  My only wish is for more realistic vocals. I find they sound papery for lack of a better description. 

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@H1F1nut RV can confirm but i don’t think they track change incorporated by serial number as they make many large and small positive sonic changes before a dash # revision. I can say for sure tge woven cone midrange in the Treo is stunningly good. Also the potentiometers in the 2/3 are life limited and should not be used like a tone control on the preamp. As i understand it the super transparent nature of tge potentiometer limits durability.

Best to you in your quest for better sound. Jim

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