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From such an prodigious body of work .............

Steve Edwards

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this is one really shines for me.  We could spend days picking favorites (possibly, some folks don't even like Van the Man  :classic_ohmy:), but this is one of mine.  AND, since I have the honor, thanks to Jim Davis, of having a Music Reference RM-9 all tube amp in Studio V, it sounds even more blossomed, detailed, and soulful.  A wonderful blend of varied instruments, this album's mellow, intoxicating groove can really take me away.  Not all of his albums are stellar recordings, but this 2017 reissue covers all the bases.  



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16 hours ago, bkeske said:

So many LP’s, so little time 😁

Brian, isn't that the truth?  But do know, in most cases, the farther back you go in his catalog, the pricier most of the releases get.  For the size of his work (40+ albums), not too many have been reissued and some originals are fetching some big cabbage.  I don't know if you favor a certain period, but IMHO, there has been some really nice recent offerings, still available, i.e. You're Driving Me Crazy (with Joey DeFrancesco) and Three Chords & The Truth.

Another favorite of mine is Too Long In Exile, though I don't believe the vinyl version was ever released in the States.  I bought mine used from the UK.

Play on

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