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Question on sub 3

Paul S.

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18 hours ago, Paul S. said:

If I already have a 2wq sub would it be counter productive to add a sub 3? I know the 2wq has adjustable Q but would that conflict with the sub 3 which is tuned to the room? 

I have not tried this but I would set them up as mono units in the room and adjust them for best sound.  After getting that done I would dial in the SUB THREE using the "Y" connector so both channels get the signal from the test disc and follow the instructions for the SUB THREE room EQ.  The hope is the SUB THREE will muscle the room into submission.  Could work because that is how we add 2Wq subs to Quatro's in large rooms very successfully.


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1 hour ago, Richard Vandersteen said:

The hope is the SUB THREE will muscle the room into submission.


16 minutes ago, Paul S. said:

Thanks. I assume you mean by setting up as mono units  that the 2wq would be one channel and sub 3 the other  channel? 

I assumed you were going to be running both subs-one per channel. I also assumed what Mr. V. wrote.

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