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Just picked this up. David Crosby’s first release, 50th Anniversary remaster pressing;  ‘If I Could Only Remember My Name’.

Very nice.  Weird, I never listened to this album before, and as Dead Head and Airplane fan in my youth, quite amazing I had not, as so many of those musicians were involved in this recording.

Really nice recording and remix/remaster. Very nice wide stage and imaging, albeit still retains some old stereo separation traits as well. A lot of CSN sound to it, a group quite honestly I never really gravitated to. 

Another nice addition to the collection. Recommended.








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Excellent choice Brian!  I have been a CSN (&Y) fan since their early days.  I have other Crosby solo records, as well as most of the ones he did with Graham; but, I was late discovering this one.  I picked up the Classic reissue from 2009 some years back and appreciate it more with each listen.  Definitely some psychedelic influences, but as you point out, what a cast of players!

Play on


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