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Another new pick-up this week. Solid across the board. Some of these songs found their way onto other albums, but these are different recordings, at least they sound so to me, or heavily remastered. Regardless, sounds great. And a cheap buy.

This makes me want to replace my original pressing of Harvest with a better master, albeit, Harvest still sounds great on my system, just a little beat up from the olden days 🙃

I should probably pick up Harvest Moon as well.


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I've streamed it a few times, but have not added HOMEGROWN to Studio V  ..............  yet.  

There have been numerous reissues of HARVEST.   I bought this one  https://www.discogs.com/release/9918788-Neil-Young-Harvest  shortly after it came out; the sound and pressing quality are top shelf.  Partly attributable to various upgrades in my system, but on this pressing was the first time I heard the mike stand get knocked over about 2/3 of the way into the opening track.

HARVEST MOON was only available on cd until a few years ago.  I had the disc, but much like WILDFLOWERS, there's more going on with the vinyl version.

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