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1Ci and Decware Low-Watt Tube Amps?

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I’d certainly recommend you demo it.
You really won’t know otherwise.

I have a PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP (40W/ch in Triode and 70W/channel Ultra Linear), and I am not 100% sure.
It sounds great on vocals etc, just rock type of music which needs some woofer movement, makes we wonder if I have enough power.
(Again, I am not sure… Sometime it seems a bit thin, but when I crank the volume, then it seems OK. Whereas with the 100W/ch VTL monoblocks, I never noticed that. )

Do you have a subwoofer?
If you did, then I suspect that that would certainly help.
(I have a 2W sub I think, ~20 years ago I got it used.)

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