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Stereophile CH Precision Review

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Interesting Stereohile review and what CH Precision say about digital and the importance of timing and of phase coherence.

Yet CH Precision don't have time and phase coherent speakers in their factory (!)

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Naim never separated the DAC function from their CD players.  The upgrade was a better power supply.  I think they had the best CD sound going.  If you want to hear the effects of jitter, run a CD player/transport into an outboard DAC and try different cables between the two.  Any difference you hear is primarily due to jitter.  By the way, it's easy to hear.  It will piss you off! 🙂 CH precision seems to have embraced controlling that part of the signal path.  

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There is so much involved in digital. All the types of timing errors (jitter). How clean is your power supply?  RF/EMI and also micro vibrations.  it's amazing how a DAC can sound a bit different in different systems.  I have purchased only ONE DAC that I didnt' bring in for audition and I LOVED how it sounded and worked while I owned it.  I also got it for a few thousand less than I knew I could quickly sell it for if I didn't like it.  I knew the person selling it (Singapore ) and trusted him.  I knew the designer very well (we still are in touch) and he said he'd fix and upgrade for his cost of components if there was an issue (there wasn't).  


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