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I have a recording in my files from Lissie. She's covering Dreams.  Hauntingly uses reverb.  Hair on the back of my neck standing up. Not listening critically, so please don't ask. It's through the Brinkmann via The Memory Player streamer/player.  I really love her arrangement.  The decay from this Brinkmann set up is just natural as it would be in person when listening.  

Now it's the Cranberry's who I also loved back in the day.  First time I'm using Room Radio.  I started with my own recording of Alanis Live at Montraux 

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Guys, it was just Tidal Radio I assume. I was playing something on my hard drive and all of a sudden it changed performers and kept playing cool music.  I noticed the difference in SQ quickly.  My streamer sounds as good as most any that I've had in here and it's better than the built in steamer that the Nyquist uses. I try to use my hard drive as most is high res and well recorded for the most part. Sam really loaded up the HD.  

I dont' even know teh album..

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