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Any new audio gear on horizon for Xmas

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I'm thinking of some new headphones for listening during the night, maybe Santa will manage to find a deal on Sennheiser HD800s 🎅

Also buying my dad his first DAC, one with Bluetooth 5.0. It might take some time to teach him the ropes since he's old and not the best with technical things,

but I think he'll love the comfort of use and the huge amount of music he'll be able to play through his phone.


Merry Xmas everyone ☃️

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Santa was kind to me this year....new Processor (Marantz 7705), new Sub (SVS SB 2000Pro), and a pair of replacement outdoor speakers (Polk Atrium 6)....

A hello (my first post/just discovered this forum) and a Happy New Year to all!

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1 hour ago, ctsooner said:

congrats Jack.  What is your system?  


System includes 3A Signatures (bought from the late Brooks Berdan in 2005)

For music: Rouge Audio 99 Magnum with Phono (and HT Bypass); Rega P6 table, and Simaudio Equinox CD player;

For HT;  Parasound 2205AT; Oppo 105 (DVD Audio and SACD's do sound sweet); the Marantz 7705 Processor and the SVS 2000Pro sub.   Also, with the Marantz, I'm now using the HEOS App (and Amazon HD streaming), which is very convenient.  Music can go from good, to very very good depending on tunes. 


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