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Audio Research REF 75SE vs Vandersteen M5-HPA for Quatro Wood CT

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I have been using my ARC REF 75SE to power my Quatro Wood CT for some time now and I am very happy. However, I am always wondering about worthwhile upgrades - if they make sense. I am interested in the Vandersteen M5-HPA amps, so I was looking for opinions and experiences. The system is ARC REF6 Pre, ARC REF Phono 3, ARC REF 75SE, AMG Giro with Lyra Delos, Aurender A10. Lateral Rack with HRS E1 bases for everything. Also running an Audioquest Niagara 5000.

Is the M5-HPA a step up? If so, what can I expect? Other options? 

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