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Buying a new 55" OLED TV for the bedroom....

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I'm looking at a new 55" OLED TV for the bedroom (it BARELY fits where it has to go, so I can't buy a few of them due to them being a tenth of an inch too wide).  I have done tons of reviews to see if it's worth spending the extra 3-400 more for the brighter panel. I watch dead on so don't care one bit about off axis.  The room is usually fairly dark as we watch in the evening.  I went to see the LG G2 and C2 TV's yesterday.  The G2 is brighter, but not by that much.  I then saw the C1 vs C2 (2 being newer) and the C2 was brighter.  The Sony has some advantages over the LG, but I don't want the Google op system as we are Apple and Alexa.  Samsung hasn't been in the market long enough for OLED's and they use the tech that Sony's uber expensive panels use which is the QOLED's that are much brighter and run cooler for the most part.

When watching side by side, you can easily see the small differences in the sets, but on the floor they aren't set up optimally.  Once home, will I really notice the differences, or will it be a mental, I KNOW there is a difference.  I want the newer C2 after all of this.  It's a sweet sport (like Quatro's are the sweet spot in Richards line up).  It's about 400 more than last years C1, but the screen IS brighter and it has a better processor.  

I just kept thinking about how we view/listen to audio.  We audition and if we go by memory, we can't really tell the differences accurately.  Even when I see notes that I've made when listening, it's hard to tell when components are similar.  I always know what 'feels' right in audio and I am pretty good at knowing what 'looks' right on my TV's.  I've always been the guy who has to have a top picture and bucked the trend at times getting a JVC over the higher rated Sony after seeing side by side etc...  

I just thought of audio when looking for my TV and wanted to share what I was thinking and why.  Thanks. Pete

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Hey Pete,

I wish I could help you but my experience is pretty limited on TV's. I, too, am interested in a really good TV, but really haven't gotten too involved with it.

That being said, I have found Sony to be one of the best and best recommended TV's in terms of video quality. As a PC person, I  have no experience with Apple products, and don't know if you can turn off Google apps or even work around them.

Good luck in your search, and let me/us know of your choice, as I would be very interested in what/why choice you made.


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Oh, I’m getting the LG C2. The G2 is a bit better, but it won’t matter in my room because it’s dark and we sit in front of the tv , not to the side. 

as I said in the end of the post, it reminded me of choosing audio gear and finding the best and then finding the best I want or can spend. 

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