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MoFi debacle

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24 minutes ago, Holmz said:

I don’t think I have any of their pressings, but I am not sure I would care if the recording sounds good.
Is it a problem for others?

If they sound good some will be OK with the misrepresentation, but many invest in them for the sound and expect them to go up in value because they are promoted as limited runs.  The market will sort this out to be sure.  RV

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A reset to the market in pricing, would be nice for the end user.
These new hipsters are driving the market wild compared to when everyone (us old hipsters) just had vinyl or cassette. 😎

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Seems to me this is a huge problem. I buy Mofi because they are trusted to follow procedures to create products of the highest audiophile quality. Using deception and misrepresentation to sell products as pure analog that are not degrades the trust in mofi and reduces the value of all their products, because you don't know what your are getting.

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