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Thanks for posting this. Let’s do a role call:

contrary to my last post about the event, I AM planing on attending all day!  I have been wanting to but have been dealing with physical issues with the MS. I have gone to some football games on OK and Dallas and my wife wanted me to stay home that weekend. When she realized how much it meant to me, she encouraged me to go 

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18 hours ago, TomicTime said:

wish i could be there  ! 

If things go right, I hope to visit your side of the country this winter.


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Just got back from the demo at Audioconnection. 

@ctsooner, didn't see you, but I left early.

It was nice to meet a bunch of people I have either sold gear to or bought from.

The weather was perfect and the systems were nicely dialed in. Mr. V. gave a great introduction and explanation of the new 7xtm's.


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So sorry guys. I wasn’t up for the trip. Hate having to even type that, but I’m listening to my docs more and more lol. 

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On 11/8/2021 at 5:16 PM, GdnrBob said:

I kind of thought that, sorry to hear.

Did the Sooners win last week?


Thanks Bob. We lost to Baylor yesterday. It was our first loss in 17 games and knocked us out of the playoffs. Bummed about that today. Lol. It’s more than just an event for me as most who know me know. Ha. They even had he week off last week for Johnny’s event.  Everything worked out perfectly other than what I couldn’t control lol. 

I’ll let you guys know when I can make it down there so we can meet up. Smaller and still fun. We can all get the sweet seat. Lol. Ha

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8 hours ago, ctsooner said:

I’ll let you guys know when I can make it down there so we can meet up.

Please do.

I'd like Johnny to set some time aside to compare analog vs. digital.


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