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I've always been concerned that my 110" screen between my speakers was causing problematic reflection issues. I've seen so many systems (particularly at shows) that placed curtains behind and between the speakers. Thought I'd give it a try since I figured that I can always pull them back when I want to use my home theater. Win win, right?

Well, I did it and WOW what an improvement. Greater stage depth, width and definition.  Looks a bit draconian but you can't argue with the results. Just my experience in my room but thought I'd share my findings.

Hoping to get my Quatro Wood CT's in a week or so.

Happy listening to all.


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33 minutes ago, ctsooner said:

So last night I decided to drop the quilts over he tv. Holy Crap. Huge difference and closer to what I’m expecting once I get a new preamp. It was sooooo much better in every area and I still don’t have the tilt quite right. 

Yup. So glad you tried it and found it to be an improvement. As you know I felt the same way after installing my curtains. I've screwed around with so many room treatments but addressing the front wall has yielded the greatest improvement for me. 

BTW, Samir with Audio Connection will be installing my new Quatro Wood CT's on Nov. 11th. Can't wait.

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FWIW (consider the source)...  

I've found that diffusion is a better treatment for the front wall than absorption.  But, don't go overboard.

YMMV and all that stuff.

BTW, CTSooner - why are you worried about the tilt of your TV?

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OMG.  This is just too funny. I also have two tall plants that I put next to the tv on each side. That too made a posit e difference. Hmmm. I’ll experiment as it’s so easy to do either or both and move back after listening. 

Back to TV tilt and 120 frames per second viewing. 

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2 hours ago, GdnrBob said:

I am surprised there aren't any tubes in the Wizard's set up.


Nothing to do with tubes..

As I recall back in ‘77… people were working on time alignment.
As, “Love isn’t always on time.” …  they told Toto to, “Hold the Line”.


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