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I wanted to wish my extended Vandy family a wonderful and safe Happy Thanksgiving.

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And back at ya.
Helped coworker with the meal yesterday, so her oven going with a bird in it.
Out big boss let us use his oven with the second bird.
And mine for veggies.
She had 2 dozen people at the tables.

I hit the hey at 9:30 and during the night thought, this is the Nth time I ate too much at Thanksgiving.

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1 hour ago, GdnrBob said:

They celebrate Thanksgiving 'down under'? Not that I don't think they should, after all they originally were literally abandoned there as punishment, but on the same day?

Though I have to admit, T'day does bring out the best of all of us.


There were some Aussies, but mostly it was ex-pat people from work.
Some long term, and others here only a short while.


One of the Aussies said, “Is Thanksgiving a big deal in the US?
I said, “I think it is the biggest secular holiday in the US.”
And debate ensued about memorial, labour day etc.
And it was agreed to that it was.

The Aussie Sheila said, “What about XMAS?”
I mentioned that it was not really a secular holiday.
She said, “it is in Australia.”
There was a lot of laughter, especially amongst the Americans, as it really summed up the Aussies irreverence.

Her being perplexed, had us going for a further couple of minutes.

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@GdnrBob but I speak with a similar accent to you.
They are a likeable lot, those Aussies.

And there is a mix of (American) people we work with, that have a different political leanings, but it is not to the point of polarisation.
The Au folk there, generally shake their heads, but some are also pretty vocal.
It is just a sign of the times.

Any how the thanksgiving dinner was a ~50/50 mix. And they also celebrate Halloween in certain areas. So there is a cultural mixing… mostly good.
To which I give thanks.

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