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Just a reminder that Joan Baez' voice and singing ability and lengthy career are a gift to us all

John Gallup

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1 hour ago, ctsooner said:

I've been listening to her music since the late 60's (as a kid).  I really love her sound.  Suzanne Vega is a name from the past for me too.  My dealer in RI used to use her for auditions (that doesn't sound right, but you understand).

If you like her warbling voice then you might also want to try Buffy St. Marie.

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If you don’t like these three, then I would not go a lot further:

  • “Universal Soldier”
  • “Qu’Appele Saskatchewen” 

She was/is a contemporary of Joan Baez, and she helped to launch Joni Mitchell.
So I out those three in the same bin.

I assume you’ve heard of Phil Ochs ?

not a bad doco:


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